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Coor suppliers

We are committed to a strong and sustainable partnership and have high demands on our suppliers.

Risk assessment of Procurement categories

Central procurement works with risk assessment in our procurement categories. The risk model is updated yearly and is the foundation on how we handle new suppliers and follow up suppliers during the contract life cycle. In the risk matrix we asess a category from two parameters; the commercial value for Coor and Code of Conduct ( law & ethics, social and environmental). The risk matrix values these parameters and this value tells us how large the risk a category is to Coor. It is divided in:

  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk

The higher the risk is for Coor the higher demands we have on pre-qualification and follow up. For high risk categories it is mandatory to conduct a pre-qualification before an agreement is signed. It is also within high risk categories we put more focus on follow up suppliers in terms of audits and evaluations.

Supplier qualifications

When we sign a new supplier frame agreement we conduct an in-depth supplier qualification on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Sustainability considerations
  • Code of conduct
  • Environmental aspects
  • Quality and organizational ability
  • Health & safety aspects
  • The suppliers technical ability
  • The suppliers financial ability

Supplier qualifications takes place before an agreement is signed for frame agreement suppliers and all suppliers that are assessed as a high risk category.

Supplier follow up

We use the risk assessment to follow up suppliers with the highest risk for Coor. Every year the risk assessment is updated to make sure that the classification of the categories are still valid. Every year new goals for audits and evaluations are determined and monitored. Read more in the Supplier Quality Assurance below.