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Category Management in Coor

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To be able to measure and control the purchases, Coors sets yearly targets on compliance. This means that we measure how large part of the purchased volume comes from supplier with agreements. The purpose with measuring compliance is to make sure that our agreements that are negotiated with Coors terms & conditions and to minimize the risk when using an approved supplier.

Compliance is divided into; Green, yellow, red and gray, all supplier are marked with a colour depending on what type of agreement we have signed. Frame agreements are green and they are prioritized for our line organization to use.

Frame agreements

Coor is supplier independent, but enters into frame agreements within certain services regarded as strategicallly important to Coor.

These fram agreements are managed and developed by category managers in the central procurement organization. A large share of services is produced locally, supported by a professional tendering process and local agreements with clearly regualted business terms and conditions.

Coor has a strong focus on improvement and development of the service delivery in order to continously add value to our customers. We expect our strategic suppliers to participate actively in this process to enhance the service to our customers in close cooperation with Coor.

Procurement manager


Category management framework

Category management: Continuous monitoring and management of purchasing spend and supplier performance (in specific category) with the ambition of improving cost and supplier performance.