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Procurement Portfolios

Procurement in Coor is divided into 5 portfolios which consist of a number of purchasing categories and purchasing subcategories. Below you can read briefly about the different portfolios, both what we offer to our customers and what we procure from our suppliers.

Property & Security

Coors objective is to manage and develop our customer's real estates and premises from an overall and long term perspective, where functionality, environmental considerations and finances interact, based on customer-specific wants and needs. This portfolio consists of a large number of categories where the main purchasing categories are technical installations, security, energy & media, equipment, materials, waste & pest control and property maintenance. 

Food & Beverage

Coor is one of the Nordics' largest suppliers of food and beverage services. We provide complete and modern solutions, fully customized according to our customers' tastes and needs. Example of purchasing categories are: coffee machines, water dispensers, vending machines, workplace fruit, commodities, kitchen utensils & equipment.


Coor is a leading operator in cleaning services with a complete service offering for a range of environments and spaces. The portfolio consists of both Cleaning Services such as floor care, window cleaning and mats, and Cleaning Supplies such as hygiene materiel, cleaning products and cleaning machines.


Coor delivers a range of services intended to create effective, attractive, functional, sustainable and safe workplaces that make peoples working lives easier. Example of purchasing categories are: office supplies and machines, furniture & Interior, workplace plants, postal services and moving.


Coor purchases a large amount of products and services that is used in our own operations. Example of categories are: staffing, work clothes & shoes, service vehicles, travels, training & courses, insurances.