"Fresh eyes" see problems

With a customer that’s committed and driven when it comes to environmental issues, Coor can genuinely take advantage of its processes for improvement work in order to make the operation more environmentally sustainable. The collaboration between Coor and ROM, a subsidiary of Norway’s state railway company, is a fine example of this.

ROM Eiendom AS, a subsidiary of Norwegian railway company NSB, is responsible for facility management and maintenance of all the buildings NSB owns along the railways in Norway. That’s more than 1,000 properties in all totalling a massive 730,000 square metres. Since 2006 ROM has been working with Coor, which is responsible for performing and developing operational property-related service in and around the station buildings. Coor has around 80 people employed within the contract. ROM is a customer that focuses heavily on environmental issues.

“A major, far-reaching operation entails great responsibility for the environment, something our customer genuinely lives up to,” says Berit Urianstad, regional Manager for Coor’s contract with ROM.
Coor’s mission is to help its customer with the challenges they face. To help ROM in its environmental work, Berit has therefore taken the initiative to train Coor’s personnel in environmental awareness. The aim was to teach all operatives to look at their workplace with ‘fresh eyes’ as they travel around the stations.

“In our continuous improvement work, we try to find solutions for a better environment by focusing actively on genuine environmental problems. Identifying problems is the seed of all development. When our staff are out at the buildings they should not only check that everything is working properly, but also actively seek out environmental problems, such as old oil drums. Results will be achieved once everyone works in this way and addresses any possible or genuine problem,” says Berit.

ROM has produced a schedule for all personnel and other contractors, because it is important that environmental impact is always assessed in the same way. The aim is for personnel to list potential solutions and draw up a checklist on which environmental work can be based.

“We are now working systematically to chart environmental issues, and use the same designations and symbols in the schedule, which is really producing good results. Personnel have been positive as regards learning to see what an environmental problem could entail, how they should report it and come up with a solution. Our work approach has proven to be the right one, and our efforts have led to some excellent results. It’s nice to be able to help our customer – and especially the environment, which after all is part of our future,” Berit Urianstad concludes.

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