Nova goes green

Environmental thinking is here to stay. Many of our customers in both the private and public sectors have high environmental ambitions. They take it for granted that we should help them in their efforts towards a more sustainable society in the long term. We will therefore be highlighting the environment and making it a recurring theme in Nova throughout 2009.

In this issue we develop our view of environmental work, which is closely linked to our quality and improvement work. We also turn the spotlight on the actual and practical ways in which we're making our service delivery more environmentally friendly for one of our eco-conscious customers, ROM Eiendom, a subsidiary of Norwegian state railway company NSB.

Our co-operation with ROM is a fine example of how we adapt our delivery to the real challenges our customers face. Indeed this is our ultimate mission – to continuously develop and adapt our customers' operational services to ensure they support their core business in all situations.

In the present recession, many customers are focusing on cutting costs. In these days we have to hone our delivery, be creative and do what we can to help strengthen their competitiveness. In this work it is a strength to have total responsibility and a flexible delivery model, which you can read about in the article IFM vs single service. I also believe our efforts to continuously develop our own operation are important in this context. Our focus on upgraded, modern, well-developed system support – tailored entirely to the service delivery – is a good example of this. The system is the backbone of our operation and will make our service delivery process better and even more efficient, which will benefit our customers. You can also read about this in this issue of Nova.

Pleasant reading!

Mats Jönsson, President and CEO