Coor – helping drive development

A good service provider must stay at the leading edge of progress. It has to be able to understand customers’ challenges and be able to offer solutions that contribute to their success. That’s why I’m really proud and delighted about our successful development projects, where Coor delivers real benefit for its customers. In this issue of Nova, we’ll be presenting two of these development projects.

The first example is 'Green Services', our new environmental labelling system, which helps customers that want to reduce their environmental impact and actively contribute to a more sustainable society in a structured, concrete way. This environmental label is unique of its kind, partly because it's the first labelling for the service management sector, and partly by it covering the whole of our service provision – not just single products or services.

The second project is 'Concept Office', a hyper-modern office solution that we've built and work in ourselves. Our aim is to understand how this new, flexible office will work, and how it will affect our IFM solutions and the people that work at our sites. An increasing number of operations and businesses are trying out new office solutions that aren't just space-efficient, and thus cost-effective and environmental, but also help increase efficiency and contribute to a sense of employee well-being. Reports from around the world consistently suggest the same results – we're on the verge of an office (r)evolution! Because altered working patterns and changing office solutions will also change needs for IFM services, being at the leading edge in this segment feels really important.

I really hope you enjoy reading the new issue of Nova.

Staffan Ebenfelt, CEO of Coor in Sweden

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