Onwards and upwards

At a dinner recently, someone asked me whether I hadn’t been working at Coor a bit too long. I was astonished, and without thinking it over, answered “not at all.” Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I’ve decided that I said what I meant. After all, 12 years is quite some time.

The strange thing is, it doesn't feel long at all. Maybe by now I should be thinking that every day is the same and that I've seen and heard it all...But no. Coor is a contemporary and fleet-footed service provider in constant motion where change and improvement are natural components of everyday work. And that's how I also hope our customers view us. I'm not saying everything works perfectly in every respect, but the strong drive and desire to improve our services and delivery permeates the whole organization.

This means that after 12 years at Coor, I still think I'm on a journey of exploration through a constantly changing landscape. Our delivery and working methods now are not the same as 11 years ago, and my job and challenges are completely different now to what they were then.

I'd like to wish all our old and new readers a warm welcome as companions on our ongoing journey of exploration, which is moving onwards and upwards. In this issue, we offer our readers an insight into how we contribute to our customers' environmental work, what you need to think about when signing contracts, outsourcing trends in manufacturing and how our delivery can be developed using new technology. Have an enjoyable read.

Staffan Ebenfelt
President, Coor Sweden