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Nova No. 2

Mikael Stöhr

A Coor reborn

16 June was a momentous day for us at Coor, when it became our turn to ring the ceremonial opening bell at Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange, and record the first trading day of the Coor share.

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What is the value of the office

One out of every two employees doesn’t think their office enables them to work productively. Kati Barklund, Innovation Manager of Workplace Services at Coor Service Management, sees enormous potential in the offices of the...

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Zero Target

Coor’s Executive Management Team (EMT) have a vision of zero accidents at work. As a responsible employer, Coor should ensure that all its people are in good shape at the end of the working day.

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Really good coffee

Sweden has the world’s second-highest coffee consumption after Finland. The only problem is that the country is unable to cultivate coffee itself. Instead, it imports 89,000 tons of it every year, at the expense of the...

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