Acquisitions and divestments

We have an active acquisition track record, with a few major acquisitions in the FM segment since 2007.

During the past years, we focused our acquisition targets on independent IFM operators, but recently we have expanded target focus to include single services and self-delivery companies, which has broadened our universe of potential targets.

The Acquisition of Addici

In 2012, we acquired Addici for a consideration of SEK335 million, which is one of the largest acquisitions in our history. Addici was a Nordic FM provider with over 1,300 employees with competencies in security, cleaning, telephony, documentation services, other soft FM as well as hard FM. As a result the acquisition of Addici added significant volumes and capabilities in our bundled FM offering.

The divestment of the industrial services business

When Coor was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in June, 2015, we sold our industrial services business to the former principal shareholder Cinven. The reason for this was that the industrial services business differs a lot from the FM-business. However, Coor will provide a number of intra-group services such as IT services, HR services and services relating to accounting, treasury and administration during a period of up to 18 months after the sale.

We will also remain as guarantor in relation to certain customers to the Industrial Services business, and undertake to not carry out or be engaged in services conducted by the Industrial Services division, for a period of up to 36 months. In the beginning of 2016, the operations changed name to "Jernbro".