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How to achive success

A structured model for conducting its operations is the key to Coor’s successes. This model can be summarized in four stages:

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Winning and signing contracts

We deliver a competitive and customer-specific offering with well-defines contractual principals developed by a strong sales force.


Change management

Start up and development of contracts 

Integration commences immediately after contract signing, and Coor takes responsibility for FM operations being executed through a structured, tried-and-tested takeover process, led by experienced project managers.

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Service delivery

Coor delivers services itself and through subcontractors on site with the customer. Some bundled FM contracts and single services are delivered through a route-based model to several customers, while IFM assignments are usually executed by stationing staff permanently on site.


performance management

Follow-up and control

Coor focuses on internal and external performance management, which includes following up on financial KPIs from the bottom up, and to facilitate and execute regular meetings with customers to ensure optimal delivery of services and customer satisfaction.