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Our strategic platform

Coor’s strategic platform sets the direction for the entire business and guides our priorities and decisions.

Navigator Illustration

We are Coor

Our navigator – We Are Coor – describes Coor and reflects the key elements that make us what we are. We Are Coor shows who we are in a simple way; it describes our DNA and how everything fits together, from our vision to our most important element – our people.


Coor creates the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous workplace environments in the Nordic region. We strive tirelessly to build the teams and full-service solutions that enable our customers to do what they do best.

Passion for service

We create value for our customers with our Passion for service. Coor is the leading supplier of facility management in the Nordics. Our most important service areas are food and beverages, cleaning, property services and workplace services. We provide our customers with expertise, innovation, development and strategic advice through more than 100 facility management services for workplaces and properties.

Service with IQ

Coor offers a broad range of FM services to private companies in many sectors and industries as well as the public sector. Through innovation and an intimate understanding of the customer, Coor provides the industry’s leading and smartest offering. We call this Service with IQ.

Our guiding principles

Coor’s three guiding principles, our common values, guide our employees in their daily work.

Truly sustainable

Coor creates value in three dimensions: business, social and environmental. The overall objective is to ensure that the business is successful and generates the highest possible economic return, without compromising on respect for human beings and the environment. Our social and environmental goals are as essential as our business goals.

Passion for people

For Coor, people are what matter most. We would be nothing without our motivated and competent employees supporting our customers’ needs. Coor’s decentralised organisation with local managers that
have extensive responsibility and far-reaching mandates is a key asset. The strong local leadership allows us to be fast, flexible and adapt to individual customer needs.

Strategically important areas for Coor

Sustainability in several dimensions

In recent years, Coor has placed particular emphasis on becoming a truly sustainable company. Sustainability – environmental and social – should be integrated into everything Coor does.

Environmental sustainability is about reducing the carbon footprint of our own business and of our customers’ businesses. Social sustainability is based on what is fundamental to us at Coor: respect for the equal value and rights of all people. For Coor, social responsibility is about taking a big responsibility as an employer, first of all by providing a safe work environment but also by working to promote an equal gender distribution among managers and by supporting local community involvement. We are committed to promoting diversity and equality, and to helping our employees grow and develop.

Modern workplaces

In recent years, many companies have been placing a growing emphasis on strategic workplace issues. Hybrid working has evolved rapidly, creating new demands on our workplaces and working methods. There is strong demand across the Nordic countries for our consultants, who help businesses and organisations to create attractive, healthy and inspiring workplaces that will stand the test of time. Coor’s consultants develop strategies and concepts for the modern workplace and take overall responsibility for the implementation of the project.

A Nordic company

The Nordic countries are Coor’s home market. Coor’s proximity to its customers and its knowledge of local conditions enable us to offer customised and flexible solutions. We are attentive to our customers’ needs and work continuously to strike the right balance between economies of scale in the delivery of services and customer adaptations. Coor has some of the largest IFM contracts in the Nordic region, including contracts with Aibel, Volvo Cars, Ica, and the Danish Building and Property Agency.

Growth in IFM

Coor is the Nordic market leader in delivering IFM services to large organisations with complex requirements. Coor sees continued growth opportunities in the IFM segment, which is growing faster than the FM market as a whole. A growing number of customers are choosing to purchase the majority of their facility management services from a major service provider with the resources to invest in development and innovation. A service provider such as Coor is also able to create synergies between services by using the same personnel for multiple services and thus reduce the overall cost for the customer. This includes management and governance synergies.

Growth in single services

As a major player, Coor is able to offer high-quality separate services at market prices. The service areas that Coor has chosen to focus on are property services, cleaning, and food and beverages. These services are included in most customer contracts. Coor experienced growth in smaller deals during the year and aims to continue to increase its market share in this area, both organically and through acquisitions.

Operational efficiency

Coor has a strong improvement and efficiency focus and strives to be the best in the industry at delivering services which increase customer value. Continuous operational improvements are an important part of working life for Coor’s personnel. Innovations which increase our customers’ efficiency and reduce the use of resources also help to promote sustainable development.