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Four strategic areas 

Coor’s strategic platform consists of four areas which define the direction for all our activities. These areas provide guidance on priorities and decisions, and help Coor to achieve its vision of creating the Nordic region’s happiest and most prosperous work environments. All to ensure that our customers are able to focus on what they do best.

Coor Employee Cleaning for overall Hygine | Coor

Much of 2020 was overshadowed by the spread of COVID­19 in the Nordic region, which of course had an impact on Coor in many ways. Our strategic platform remains the same, however. We will continue to focus on the Nordic region, on achieving growth in IFM as well as single services, and on operational efficiency.

Customer-oriented solutions

The Nordic countries are Coor’s home market. Coor’s proximity to its customers and its knowledge of local conditions enable us to offer customised and flexible solutions. We are attentive to our customers’ needs and work continuously to strike the right balance between economies of scale in the delivery of services and customer adaptations. Coor has some of the largest IFM contracts in the Nordic region, including contracts with Equinor, Aibel, Ericsson, Volvo and ICA as well as the Danish Police, Prosecution Authority and Prison and Probation Service, which consolidate the company’s Nordic market leadership.

Growth in IFM

Coor is the Nordic market leader in delivering IFM services to large organisations with complex requirements. Coor sees continued growth opportunities in the IFM segment, which is growing faster than the FM market as a whole. A growing number of customers are choosing to purchase the majority of their facility management services from a major service provider with the resources to invest in development and innovation. An IFM provider such as Coor is also able to create synergies between services by using the same personnel for multiple services and thus reducing the overall cost for the customer.

Growth in single services

As a major player, Coor is able to offer high­ quality separate services at market prices. The service areas that Coor has chosen to focus on are property services, cleaning, and food & beverages, and these services are included in most customer contracts. Coor experienced healthy growth in smaller deals in 2020 and aims to continue to capture market shares in this area.

Operational efficiency

Coor has a strong improvement and efficiency focus and strives to be the best in the industry at delivering services which increase customer value. Continuous operational improvements are an important part of working life for Coor’s personnel. Innovations which increase our customers’ efficiency and reduce the use of resources also help to promote sustainable development.