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Wellness guide, text, chart | Coor

Guide Wellness - Why we need to talk about occupational health

Today’s negative occupational health trend no longer only concerns individuals – it concerns the whole of society. Could the problem be solved by making permanent changes in workplace habits?

Smart building guide for property management | Coor

Guide Smarter Buildings - Smart buildings for a smarter workplace

What difference can a building make for the employees’ health, and for our own ability to take responsibility for the environment of our workplaces? Futuristic smart buildings take care of both people and the environment. The Smart Building concept is often associated with new buildings, new technology and above all, building automation. That means automated processes for monitoring and controlling the buildings’ installations, such as ventilation, lighting and security systems. But a smart building can be much more than that. A smart building is always based on the needs of those who spend time in it. The focus is primarily on accessibility, functionality and safety, while at the same time the building must provide an attractive user experience, a healthy indoor climate and further services that add value for the employees and users.

The Guide Vested Outsourcing: New model for partnership creates value both for customer and supplier

Relations-based business models are a trend that wins ground within Facility Management (FM). More have discovered that it is difficult to create a long-term and innovative FM delivery that contributes to competitive advantages in the core business. This may be because FM services are procured with great focus on price pressure and detailed control. Instead, a result-based business model is increasingly being demanded, where a carefully developed collaboration creates a coherent interest among both the customer and the supplier. Vested aims to give the customer lower costs in combination with revenue-generating innovations, while the supplier is given the opportunity to achieve higher profitability than usual.

How can I control my supplier  - Whitepaper | Coor

How can I control my supplier?

This article is discussing how to improve collaboration with the FM-supplier and how to set the right targets with the goal of maximising efficiency. This paper should be of interest for FM-buyers, sourcing professionals and FM-consultants who are about to prepare for a tender.

Seamless contract startups | Coor

A seamless contract start

It is an extensive to integrate an FM corporation, which previously was part of another company. Coor has a tried and tested integration process based on many years’ experience of taking on complex FM operations. Here we share our learnings. This paper should be of interest for FM-buyers, sourcing professionals and FM-consultants who consider outsourcing or preparing an outsourcing.

Everyone is talking about the internet of things | Coor

Everyone is talking about the ”internet of things”

The ongoing digital transformation changes the conditions in business and the society in general. In the article, we discuss how IoT affect the FM industry and how Coor takes on the challenge to incorporate digitalization in the operations and the offering. The article addresses stakeholders in the FM business interested in digitalization.

New way of thinking | Coor

PPP – a new way of working

This paper is discussing the benefits with a PPP outsourcing and it also highlights several important factors to consider before a PPP project. This paper should be of interest for FM-buyers, sourcing professionals and FM-consultants who are considering a PPP project.

6 trender på arbetsplatser | Coor

6 workplace trends from northern europe

The future office is a platform for organizational culture, for brand management and innovation work. It is a meeting place. Not any more a working place. Work we can do anywhere and anytime, but to be able to work with and manage our culture, our brand and our innovation work in the best way, we need to gather physically and we need to make people want to come to our office, and not just our own people but our clients, partners etc as well. Gather to collaborate and innovate.

Driving development | Coor

Innovation driving development

As the Nordic FM market has matured, customers are expecting more from service providers. So, in response to the market's rising standards, we’re taking the next step to keep driving development.

Keeping our schools clean | Coor

Keeping our schools clean

The debate about unhygienic schools has focused on penny-pinching cleaning of school toilets, which is making students unhappy. How did this happen? And what can we do about it? Sten Mortensen, one of Coor’s many cleaning experts, has extensive experience as a purchaser, and of writing and calculating tenders. In his experience, there are a number of common mistakes when purchasing cleaning services.