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Eco-label covering the entire service delivery

In ten years, environmental awareness has increased significantly in the service sector, shows figures from Coor Green Services, the only comprehensive environmental label in this category, when the 2018 revision has been completed. Coor provides a comprehensive approach to environmental issues and offers its customers an eco-label covering the entire service delivery.

Farm of sunflowers | Coor

In 2010, four percent achieved the gold level within Coor Green Services eco-label, when 120 workplaces in the Nordic region were evaluated. Ten years later, 34 percent reached the same level. 

Tieto is one of the companies that has reached the gold level and sharpened their environmental awereness.

– I am very pleased with Coor's way of structuring the environmental issues in service delivery, such as cleaning. What Coor has done with Green Services is to offer our customers an eco-label that covers the entire service delivery. It adds extra weight to Coor's business and helps deepen our cooperation, while helping us sharpen our environmental awereness and work, says Lars Lindberg, Facilities Manager and EMS Manager Tieto Sweden.

Environmental awareness within the service delivery

Coor is one of the pioneers in Facility Management in the Nordic countries and also one of the largest suppliers of FM services. However, the size has not dampened the newbuilding spirit that exists within Coor which drives the development forward on many different levels. Mostly through smart new technical solutions, but without forgetting that it is the person who is the goal of the service delivery.

– It is very gratifying to see that the environmental awareness is increasing every year and that more and more people are working for a greener environment also within the service delivery, says Maria Ekman, Head of Sustainability at Coor. At Coor, we have had sustainability as the guiding principle for many years and it is fantastic to be able to contribute with knowledge and support to so many in the service sector.

Coor Green Services eco-labelling includes all FM services that are delivered, and the eco-label comes in three levels, silver, gold and platinum.