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The office is dead - long live the office!

The office as we know it no longer exists—the workplace of the future is a holistic experience focused on networking, hybrid working, services and employee wellbeing. This is a place that employees actively choose to go to because it makes their working day easier and provides community and opportunities for personal development.

Anna Carin, CEO | Coor

One of the main tasks of Coor, the leading facility management provider in the Nordics, is to help companies create the workplaces of the future in the wake of the pandemic. Coor’s workplace specialists, Coor Advisory, are currently working at full steam.

“A combination of office and remote working, also known as hybrid working, will soon be a reality in most workplaces,” AnnaCarin Grandin, CEO and President at Coor explains.

Coor is currently on a change journey led by Coor Advisory which involves future-proofing Coor’s five offices in the Nordics. Changes in the workplace should always proceed from what is operationally possible and the needs of the employees. Coor completed two studies in the spring, one aimed at existing and potential customers which gathered just over 500 responses, and one relating to Coor employees’ attitude to the workplace, which attracted around 400 replies and confirmed a number of trends. One of the insights gained was that offices will continue to play a significant role in the future, although new demands will be placed on design, technology and services.

“The office will remain important in the future in order to create a shared culture and build cohesion, but also to ensure creativity and quick problem solving,” AnnaCarin Grandin continues.

Many respondents indicated that they are tired of having to schedule teams meetings when a quick chat with a colleague in the office would answer the question. At the same time, working from home has been more effective than many could have imagined.

“Coor has always taken a positive view of hybrid solutions. We expect remote working to increase, and it will be important to create offices and services that support hybrid meetings, where everyone can participate on the same terms.”

AnnaCarin Grandin is positive about developments:

“The office of the future will not be somewhere you go out of habit, but a place that you actively choose to visit because it offers so much added value—a workplace that makes your working day easier and provides services and increases wellbeing.