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Coor Service Management wins customer contacts excellence award

Sector organization Kontakta has awarded Coor’s swichboard opera-tions the marking in recognition of Coor’s compliance with organiza-tional statutes, Swedish legislation, sector procedures and good prac-tice in customer contacts and across operations.

Kontakta has established the customer contacts excellence award for ethical customer contacts with the aim of helping consumers select businesses with excellent customer service and/or telemarketing delivery. Only member companies that satisfy all of Kontakta’s terms are awarded the customer contacts excellence label.

“We’re delighted with the customer contacts excellence award. The award recognizes the quality of our delivery and demonstrates that we’re a leading provider delivering excellence across all our assignments. Our customer contacts are reviewed annually by Kontakta, and we also need to demonstrate that our staff management follows sector standards and that we offer a good working environment,” commented Contract Manager Johan Classon.

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Johan Classon, Contract Manager, Coor in Sweden, 
+46 10 559 51 62,

Ulf Wretskog, President, Coor in Sweden, 
+46 10 559 59 40,

Sofie Schough, Communications Manager, Coor in Sweden, 
+46 10 559 59 83,