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Coor SmartArchive digitalizes and streamlines document processing

Coor SmartArchive is a service that digitalizes, manages and archives documents. It generates savings in time and money by reducing the need for premises and streamlining administration.

Smart workplaces are enabled and enhanced by smart solutions. Smart workplaces are enabled and enhanced by smart solutions. Coor SmartArchive is a complete solution that enables users to manage high documentation volumes and all types of digital format efficiently, such as contracts with suppliers and customers, HR documentation, physical mail and invoices. Coor SmartArchive digitalizes document management, enabling document owners to archive, open and process their documents.

Document management is also facilitated by associating alerts with documents, generating reminders to owners, when contracts need terminating or renewing, for example.

Coor SmartArchive enables digitalization, physical document archiving and e-archiving as well as an administrative document management interface. The service is scalable and adapts to user needs—users can simply order those components they need, while Coor also provides advisory services for customers considering the decision to digitalize.

“Coor SmartArchive streamlines document management, saving space, time and money. It’s a complete concept that fits agile organizations and activity-based workspaces,” commented Cecilia Björndahl, the manager of Coor SmartArchive.

Coor SmartArchive has been implemented in accordance with Swedish National Archive instructions (Riksarkivets föreskrifter), and the ISO 27000 standard.

Coor SmartArchive is a service that has been developed by Coor and is one of Coor’s suite of smart solutions for the office - read more

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For further information, contact:

Cecilia Björndahl, Responsible for Coor SmartArchive,
Coor Service Management, +46 10 559 52 19,

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communication and Sustainability, 
Coor Service Management; +46 10 559 54 04,