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Coor SmartDisplays streamlines digital communication

Digital communication offers unparalleled possibilities of quickly disseminating information to multiple end-users. Internal emails and traditional notice boards are at risk of being overlooked in the growing information flow. To counter this trend, Coor has developed Coor SmartDisplays, an innovative communication service adapted to the modern workplace.

Coor SmartDisplays allows you to present your message in your target group’s chosen location. Coor’s digital displays allow your company to greet visitors and employees, announce the day’s itinerary or publish weather or traffic updates. The digital displays can present images, videos or collate news flows from external sources such as your company intranet or social media. The displays can show individual messages on different screens or all share the same message.

The Coor SmartDisplays service includes digital displays, maintenance and news publication. The digital displays can be placed anywhere with a wireless network (3G/4G). The only requirement is a power socket. The add-on service Mobile View enables you to send information to smartphones. Mobile View also allows you to monitor who’s accessed the information.

Coor SmartDisplays is a cost-effective solution that offers fast and environmentally-friendly communication.

Coor SmartDisplays is one component of Coor’s smart solutions. For more information and videos,

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For further information, contact:

Mattias Wahlgren, innovation manager, Coor Service Management, +46 10 559 51 10,

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communication and Sustainability, Coor Service Management, +46 10 559 54 04,