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A culture builder in a study centre environment

Coor Service School is a customised and self-developed training facility aimed at Coor’s employees. Training is intended to clarify what it means to be an employee within a Coor contract.

Participants are also given a platform for what the term ‘service delivery’ means at Coor and the role each employee plays in this in order for deliveries to the client to work. The mixed groups also help expand networks within the company. Efforts involving Coor Service School began in January 2006 and the results have been very positive.

“Overall, I think the course has been a positive experience. I must say that the training I received gave me an excellent insight into how we at Coor provide service deliveries to our clients,” says Sara Carlsson, who works as an office cleaner and who attended Coor Service School back in the spring.

The aim of training is to clarify what it means to be an employee at Coor and to increase understanding of service deliveries as a whole.

“Course participants are told what expectations the company has of them, but also what sort of authority they have and what they themselves can expect from Coor,” says Annika Fredriksson, a course leader at Coor Service School.

Emphasis on employees

Training at Coor Service School lasts two days with participants staying at a study centre. The emphasis during training is on the employees themselves. Everyday subjects such as finance, service delivery and teamwork are all discussed from the employees’ perspective. A constant theme running through all training is the employee’s responsibility towards clients, employers/managers, colleagues and suppliers/contractors. Training is arranged for several regions at a time.

“The idea for Coor Service School came after the excellent response we had to Coor Business School, which is training aimed at Coor managers. The intention was to develop similar training opportunities for our employees. Teachers at the Service School are managers from within Coor, which means that training and the company’s activities remain closely linked,” says Annika Fredriksson.

Strengthens company culture

A central aim of the Service School is to encourage a common company culture. A strong company culture is principally about clarifying the role of employees and creating a common working method within the company. The course is intended to provide support and advice concerning various issues that employees may encounter in their work, and is designed in accordance with a methodology with theoretical sections followed by exercises involving group discussion.

“The way the group work is planned means that everyone has the opportunity to speak, even if you’re not the kind of person who likes standing up and speaking in front of others,” says Sara Carlsson.

“It’s mostly about providing the right type of service and assuming responsibility. The course is also an excellent opportunity to get to know more people from Coor. Even if I can’t remember everything I learned, I’ve got plenty of new experience that I can put to good use in my day-to-day work here at Coor,” concludes Sara Carlsson.