Easier workdays with one service supplier

When the pharmaceutical company Leiras was asked to describe its cooperation with Coor, it put particular emphasis on the overall control of office services.

By delegating responsibility for the management and development of office services to just one company, Leiras was able to free up additional time. Time that could instead be spent on developing the company’s core activity. For personnel at Leiras, this outsourcing of activities meant they no longer had to wonder about who to turn to when something in the office went wrong.

Leiras works with a unique concept that makes it possible to quickly introduce new and innovative products onto the Finnish market. The company is part of the Nycomed pharmaceutical group. For several years now, Coor has been responsible for office services at Leiras.

“The only thing I can say is that we are extremely happy with the service. We have a very close relationship with Coor’s representative Seija Andersson, who we regard as a very professional individual,” says Mari Oila, Marketing Assistant at Leiras in Finland.

Clearer division of responsibility

One of the benefits of outsourcing office services is that Leiras can concentrate on its core activity. The fact that Coor has complete responsibility for services means that the division of responsibility between customer and supplier becomes clearer.

“We see Coor as something of a troubleshooter, which is a positive thing. They take the initiative and can spot when something goes wrong. It is difficult to imagine a situation today where Coor does not help us in some way or another. They take care of so much that we have more time to devote to developing our core activity. In this way, we can focus on providing a good service for our customers,” says Mari Oila.

Simpler with one supplier

The supplier’s total commitment to office services also means that Leiras does not need to turn to several different suppliers, regardless of the type of service issue involved. Mari Oila sees clear advantages to having just one contact person to turn to:

“Coor ensures that the day-to-day service functions, and they manage everything from the reception and cleaning to purchasing. We can feel secure in the knowledge that Coor is in charge of and is coordinating contact with subsuppliers, as they have a broad contact network and extensive experience of these types of negotiations. For us, this means we know we will always get good quality.

“The employees do not always notice the service provided at a workplace,” explains Mari Oila.

“Often it is the small things that make a difference. We take a lot of the services in a workplace for granted, until the day something stops working. The supply of coffee is a good example. If the coffee machine’s not working, it has a clear effect on people’s temperament.”

Facts about Leiras

Leiras is a pharmaceutical company that works to introduce new and innovative products onto the Finnish market. The company’s core activities are in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, arthrosis and osteoporosis, as well as products for hospitals and self-care. The company is part of the Nycomed pharmaceutical group. In Finland, Leiras employs 140 people.

About the service agreement

Since 2003, Coor Service Management has been responsible for Leiras’ office services in Finland. The agreement includes responsibility for post and freight, maintenance of premises, purchasing and distribution of office supplies, coffee machine management, fittings, copying, and transport and courier services, for example. During 2006, the agreement was extended to include the planning of rebuilding work, responsibility for the operation of office machinery and an extended commitment regarding different types of purchasing, among other things.