Service management means better business

Service management means better business. A bold claim it may be, but it’s true. By taking the task of co-ordinating, managing and developing all the services that support your core business seriously, you gain better operational support – which in turn enables better development of that core business.

And that's exactly what we want to achieve. Service management is about introducing improved processes, management and systems, as well as managing and creating commitment. About constantly balancing quality and quantity with price, all with the aim of optimising the delivery for you and your operation.

In this issue of Nova you can read a bit more about what we mean by service management. You can also read about Gävleborg County Council's preparations to outsource its property-related service, and why some of our clients have opted to outsource their service functions to a total concept supplier.

Pleasant reading!

Mats Jönsson, CEO of Coor Service Management