Knowledge produces results

A shortage of time for developing new ideas and solutions is what companies and the public sector perceive as the greatest problem in conducting service activities in-house, according to a recent survey. I see that as meaning that time is – rightly – devoted to the core operation.

For us at Coor, focusing on the core operation means constantly striving to develop and improve the service delivery to our clients. One of the keys in this development process is Coor's annual client survey which is currently being carried out throughout the Nordic region. The survey asks 17,000 of our service users how they perceive Coor's service delivery. The results are used as the starting point for work to develop both the service delivery to individual clients and delivery in more general terms.

New ideas and solutions force the pace of development, particularly when it comes to resolving the problem of global warming. In this issue of Nova you can read about how Coor helps its clients deal with their energy supply. I would like to wish you all an eventful autumn characterised by development.

Mats Jönsson, CEO of Coor Service Management