Passionate about improvements

In 2008 we are further increasing the pace of our improvement work. This applies throughout the Group and will run as a common theme through everything we do. Working for improvement is nothing new for Coor.

The difference now is that it will be done with greater power and in a more structured way than before, in order to create benefit and value for you, our clients. For your company or organisation, the day-to-day service delivery from Coor should help support your core business. We will be striving even more to continuously develop this support and make it better for our clients.

2007 has been an exciting year in many ways. The most important developments for us are the new and renewed assignments from our clients. 3i's agreement to sell Coor to international venture capital company Cinven is also significant. We have had a good owner in 3i, but now welcome our new owners Cinven and look forward to a rewarding collaboration.

It only remains for me now to thank you, our clients, for entrusting us to deliver and develop service functions for your company or organisation, and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2008.

Mats Jönsson, CEO of Coor Service Management