My top tip

The global economy is shaky and the outlook is not good. So how does this affect support functions in a business operation? Should you work differently with services in good times compared to hard times? Bearing in mind the prevailing uncertainty, we have made the economic outlook a theme in Nova for 2008.

First of all Jan Mohlin, Director of Facility Management at Ericsson, talks about what it's like to deal with FM during a recession.

My top tip – whatever the economic outlook – is to make sure your service delivery is flexible and can be easily scaled up or down. You can then develop and modify the content and scope of your service support based on the changing needs of your company or organisation. To ensure flexibility in an outsourced service delivery, one of the most important factors is to have functional, well-considered agreements in place. I know from experience that it takes time to draw up an excellent agreement, but that it pays for itself because it lays the foundation for a service delivery that will develop continuously and support the operation in good times and bad.

Wishing you a pleasant spring season!

Mats Jönsson, CEO of Coor Service Management