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What do internal services cost?

How much of your total costs are spent on internal and other peripheral services? On this point, Norway differs greatly from the other Nordic countries.

In the public sector, one in three respondents in Norway say that the amount spent on internal services and peripheral services equates to less than 5% of their total costs. Compare that to Denmark, where almost one in ten say the same. But Norway would seem to be a country of extremes. Almost as many, 28%, say the figure should be twice as high, i.e. that 10% of costs go on internal services.

In Finland the cost distribution is roughly the same for the public and private sectors, while only 1% have internal service costs of 40% or more.

However, in Norway private companies believe that on average they have higher internal service costs than national and county authorities.
And if we add together the public and private sectors in Finland, 19% say that internal services equate to at least 20% of their total costs.

Denmark has the highest proportion of uncertain respondents, with 40% answering they don’t know. But in Sweden too there is uncertainty in the public sector, with 38% unsure what proportion of their total costs are spent on internal services.

The average of respondents saying that costs correspond to 10% of the total figure is the same in all the Nordic countries at around 25%.

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