World class service

I might as well admit it right away – I’m inordinately proud and delighted that we’ve been entrusted to develop and deliver all the workplace and property-related services for the new university hospital to be built in Solna, Stockholm. This is by far the most pioneering and exciting assignment that we – or the sector – have seen in many years.

What makes this new assignment unique is that early, back in the project-planning phase, we get the opportunity to participate and influence the construction and design of FM services. In combination with a long agreement term, this means we can plan and tailor our delivery so that future operations and maintenance of this property are optimised throughout the hospital's life cycle. The client, the Greater Stockholm health authority, and all hospital employees and patients, will get a world-class hospital and care—supported by world-class services.

There's more information in this issue of Nova, which is also full of articles on how you, the client, can develop your FM operations. By sharing our own and other people's knowledge and experience, we hope and believe that you'll get inspiration and ideas. If there's anything you want to know more about or discuss, I hope you get in touch—we'd really like to help improve your business!

Here's wishing you an enjoyable read,

Mats Jönsson, President and CEO