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Coor has developed a new generation of service portals, and is also launching a new mobile phone app for iPhones and Android. Development work has been based on the principles of interaction, dialogue, mobility and simplicity. The objective is to create a more intelligent, better and more accessible way to conduct dialogue with the customer’s employees.

iphoneUsually, Coor’s service delivery happens without any of the customer’s people—service users—getting involved, but sometimes, they need to get in touch with Coor quickly and easily. They may need to make extra orders, book resources, report a fault or raise general questions about service delivery.

Marie Lindén, Coor’s Web Manager, thinks that effective dialogue between users and Coor needs a tailored communication structure.

“We’re designing a communication structure with our clients and contract counterparties based on the needs and circumstances of each specific customer.“

Coor operates a number of tried-and-tested channels and communication pathways, with service portals—tailored customer webs—being one of the most important.

“Our objective is that it should be easy for the customer’s employees to reach us. Service portals have the advantage that we can get news and information quickly to a lot of service users simultaneously.”

Coor offers its customers two types of service portal, one with links to Coor’s business process management system and one without any system links. The links to the BPM system offer clear benefits to service delivery, which becomes more efficient, and can be quality-assured. But the system links require special security solutions that are not necessary for the more simple service portal option.

The service portals enable service users to report faults and order services, find information on the services and people on assignment, submit questions and find contacts. Coor has now prepared a new generation of service portal, which will be rolling out in 2011. In its development work, Coor has worked from the views of users of the previous service portal, but has also tried to exploit the current possibilities offered by digital media.

“Progress in communication is unbelievably fast, and improves the prospects of interacting and conducting a dialogue with service users. This is what we bore in mind when developing these new service portals,” adds Marie.

One of the main criteria for a good customer web is that it should be easy to find relevant information. That’s why a lot of work has been done on finding an information structure and navigation that is accessible and easy for the customer.

“If they’re going to be used, service portals must be attractive and easy to navigate. The intention is that we should save time for users, not waste it. Content must be relevant to the search, and you should be able to find what you need or get help quickly. Focusing on an intuitive information structure and good search function is crucial,” continues Marie.

Another benefit of this new technology is the facility for greater mobility. Accordingly, in tandem with its work on new service portals, Coor has also started developing the service portal as a web solution for mobiles. The mobile phone app will go live in the spring, and be available for iPhones and Android.

“We think our customers will view mobile service portals as very positive and users will be able to get most usual tasks done from their mobiles. The goal of our communication with customers is to find the right ways, with high accessibility and speed. The new service portal and mobile app will help this,” concludes Marie.

Want to learn more about Coor’s new service portals or mobile phone app?

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Marie Lindén

Web and Digital Communication Manager

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