The hub between ICA and Coor–the service portal

Northern European food provider ICA has made a decision. Basically, all business process management between service users and Coor will be through a service portal. Inconvenient? ICA, which sees great benefits in having all business processes in the same place, doesn’t think so at all.

ICA is one of northern Europe's leading retailers, and has been partnering with Coor since 2006. Coor delivers soft and hard FM at ICA's distribution units and offices, with staff of some 5,500. This is a major, long-term undertaking, and Coor and ICA are operating through a close collaboration to enhance and develop the reliability of, and service to, ICA's offices and distribution units.

ICA is one of Coor's customers with the highest usage of its service portals. ICA sees a major benefit in being able to track the status of all business processes where business process management is integrated, offering good decision-support data. To cover the whole assignment and reach all service-users, Coor has created seven service portals for ICA.

Anne-Christine Karlkvist, Project Leader for internal events at ICAAnne-Christine Karlkvist, a project manager for internal events at ICA, is one of the service users. Anne-Christine always has a lot of orders ongoing, for products and services. They're mainly items to be dropped off, picked up, ordered, transported, moved or got ready.

"I always order via the service portal and if I'm not on it every day, then I'm on at least a few times a week placing orders. The portal is accessible and works fairly well, but doesn't feel right up to the minute. I hope the new version will rectify this."

"Primarily, it's good that I can place orders when I want to. No Coor staff need to be on site to receive an order, and I don't need to disturb anyone. But I always get confirmation that Coor has received my order, which is enough for me."

Anne-Christine Karlkvist doesn't use business process management in a systematic way, because most often, she makes one-off orders that she seldom repeats. However, she thinks that other people at ICA do, especially people that need to track their processes or have them logged.

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