Coor sharpens its offering to industry

Coor delivers market-leading competence in soft and hard FM, and in industrial services. Its latest services segment is industrial services, where customers and services are evolving rapidly. These services cover preventative and remedial maintenance, plus active participation in major customer investments.

Lars Cederulf, Head of Industrial Service Center East for Coor Sweden“Coor has strengthened its competence and experience over the past three years by making several strategic acquisitions, mainly in Sweden. Right now, we’re actually one of the leading industrial service providers in the Nordics, with the capacity to deliver all the services necessary for cost-efficient, safe and flexible production,” comments Lars Cederulf, Head of Industrial Service Center East for Coor Sweden.

Coor’s ambition is to develop a really strong industrial services offering. Initially, Coor is building up geographical industrial service centers, primarily in Sweden, tailored for the industry present in each region. A local presence and being close to customers is important in industrial services. One important prerequisite for partnerships is to have close and updated information on what’s happening with our customers.

“Additionally, we need to adapt ourselves to the needs of each region. To be able to exploit synergies, transfer competence and optimize our resources, we’re coordinating our business between regions and sharing some central competences and resources,” adds Lars.

The first industrial service center is now in place in eastern Sweden (Industrial Service Center East), with its hub in the city of Finspång. “So far, Industrial Service Center East is the most complete. It’s got all the resources we need to be able to support manufacturing industry from Södertälje south of Stockholm, down to the more southern city of Jönköping—mainly in steel, metals and paper mills.”

Every part of Coor is working continuously on developing its own and customers’ business through active efforts on continuous improvement.

“Coor pledges continuous development of its delivery and intelligent service solutions to its customers, and this also applies to our industrial service deliveries. We want to be the customers’ obvious first choice for industrial services, and we can only do this if we are skilled at what we do and add clear value for our customers.”

The timing of Coor’s industrial services initiative couldn’t be better. “Nordic industry is going well at present, and the demand for industrial services is just growing and growing. Our goal is crystal clear: we want to offer the best and most complete support to all industrial activities Nordic wide,” concludes Lars.

Coors industrial services can be split into four groups:

Industrial maintenance

Preventive maintenance (design, preparation and planning) and remedial maintenance efforts in plant, machinery tools and other production aids.

Investment projects and manufacture

Specialist project management and design, production and installation of production equipment, systems, components, tools and spare parts.

Industrial cleaning and waste management

Planning and cleaning of different production environments—from cleaning sensitive production equipment and specialist clean-ups to factory cleaning—plus professional waste management.


Effective supply chains, fleet management, relocation and management of product/components and managing outgoing and incoming freight.