Pure enthusiasm for food

Did you know that right now, Coor is the largest vendor of food and drink services in the Nordics? We’re making a major investment in a new restaurant concept, which will be gradually implemented.

At present Coor is responsible for over 80 restaurants nationwide. Until now, the majority have been run by subcontractors, but for strategic reasons, a higher share will be run in-house going forward. To manage the new restaurants, Coor has strengthened its restaurant organization.

Arne Ericson, Coor's Restaurants Manager− Our objective is to give our clients an attractive restaurant solution and our guests a better dining experience. I've got great respect for this mission, while I also feel confidence in the work we're doing. Coor already has a highly competent restaurant organization with the know-how in food and drink, logistics, acoustics, lighting and architecture we need, says Arne Ericson, Coor's Restaurants Manager.

Arne Ericson is well known in the restaurant sector and with a dedicated team has been working hard on developing the new concept since last summer. Guidelines were created. New system solutions, notably state-of-the-art POS systems, were analyzed. Suppliers were screened and purchasing routines created. Staffing principles were prepared. A new product brand and graphical image range was created. But to succeed, you need more than just a good restaurant product. Arne exudes enthusiasm when he talks about the importance of motivating and developing people and creating effective processes.

− Coor is really advanced in terms of developing its people and project management. In our restaurant business, will be starting from the structure in place within Coor and then modifying it to a restaurant delivery, says Arne Ericson

After a preparatory phase, everything's now starting to come together. The final pieces are expected fall into place in early-2012. One of them is creating an all-new product brand, which we're fine-tuning now. Coor is collaborating with a new design and concept agency called Bold on this work.

Anna Klingspor, Anna Klingspor, Project Manager at the Bold design agency− We're here to help Coor identify a graphical concept which visually expresses the ambitious restaurant initiative they're making. Our mission has been to create an internationally viable, flexible, contemporary but timeless concept that expresses excitement about food. Another big wish was to find something that stands out from the competition and feels more like a restaurant than a staff canteen, responds Anna Klingspor, Project Manager at Bold.

Arne Ericson Arne Ericson is really satisfied with the results and is looking forward to implementing it in Coor's restaurants

− You should feel and notice that you're in a Coor restaurant. Our new food concept is a pledge of good service, well-prepared food made from good ingredients, well considered flows and a positive overall experience. We're ready to bring more restaurants in-house. It's going to be really enjoyable, and I'm looking for to meeting my new colleagues and customers. Because it's them and not us who ultimately decide whether we succeed or not.

Want to know more about Coor's new restaurant offering?

Just contact Arne Ericson,, +46 8 553 950 96,
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