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Our year-end financial statement is approaching. When I look back, 2011 feels like one of the longest years for some time. At least when I go over the list of the major development initiatives we packed in to the past year. In this issue of Nova, you can find out about two of our major ongoing development initiatives, which will benefit many of our customers going forward.

The first is a new and exciting restaurant concept, which will be visible in the restaurants we run ourselves from year-end onwards. This will be a major focus because going forward, we will take over operation of many restaurants. We worked really hard on designing it through the fall, and our hope is that it will be the sector’s best restaurant concept.

The second initiative is the preparation of our new standard BIM system, which is the hottest segment of the service sector. The BIM system has been produced jointly by all the parties working in the exciting and groundbreaking NKS teaching hospital project in Solna, Stockholm. BIM is attracting great interest—not only here in Sweden and the Nordics, but internationally too. Without doubt, it’s the most complete support system available at present, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it became the sector standard of the future. These are just two examples of new solutions that Coor is offering its customers. If you want to know more about this or our work on continuously developing our methods and our service delivery, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

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Mats Jönsson, President and CEO

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