1,300 new employees strengthen Coor

Coor’s acquisition of service management provider Addici was announced on 19 November. This acquisition means Coor adding 1,300 competent service employees to its staff, also complementing its offering, mainly in security, as well as telephony and documentation services.

The service operations conducted by Manpower Solutions and Synerco is the core of Addici’s operations. The company has grown since, evolving its offering. Addici wrestled with profitability problems for a few years, and its operations were taken over by its main financier Danske Bank in 2009. Its situation has progressed since, and Addici is now a profitable company with 1,300 service staff and a customer base including Jernhusen, Tieto, ÅF, Länsförsäkringar and Unilever.

“Addici is now a well-managed company that is a good complement to our business, mainly in IFM services for SMEs, security services, as well as telephony and documentation services. We’re delighted about the competence we gain through this acquisition, and to be able to contribute to continued positive progress of the company’s customer base,” commented Mats Jönsson, CEO and President of Coor Service Management.

Addici is now a well-managed company that is a good complement to our business

Mats Jönsson, CEO and President, Coor Service Management

What will this new ownership mean for Addici’s employees and customers in practice?

“Before doing anything, we have to close the deal, which will be completed before year end. However, our initial plan is to have Addici as a separate company in the group, which means it will be business as usual for them. Eventually, we’ll be integrating their operations in to ours to work effectively and consistently on the same processes. Obviously, an acquisition as big as this will affect both operations,” continued Mats Jönsson.

Mats thinks the two companies are a good fit in cultural terms. Both work actively on improvement, and both have account-oriented organizational structures with high levels of ambition for their service delivery.

“As for customers, I think that in the longer term, this merger will benefit ours and Addici’s. Obviously, we want to exploit the good solutions Addici has developed, and to be able to offer them to our current customer base, while we’ll be offering Addici’s customer base intelligence solutions that we’ve developed,” added Mats Jönsson.

An intensive preparatory process for the integration of Addici’s business into Coor’s is currently ongoing in several parallel projects. Mats Holm, Project Manager at Coor Service Management, is heading up this work:

“I view this mission with respect, Addici’s a big company with business in four countries. An integration process involves a lot of work. We have to order new uniforms, change signage, e-mail addresses and link up our systems… I’ve been involved in a lot of takeovers and start-ups, but each one is unique.”

Is there anything in particular that concerns you this time?

“Actually, no. From what we’ve seen so far, Addici is a company that’s in good order, and it’s going to be great to start working with our new colleagues. Obviously there’s a lot of work, but I still feel really positive about it,” concludes Mats Holm, Project Manager at Coor Service Management

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If you want to know more about the integration process, contact Mats Holm.

* = This acquisition involves competition regulator approval, which is expected in December.


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