Revolutionary ID card management

ID card management is a manual, time-consuming process. That is until now. Coor has developed an integrated ID card management system, which saves time and money for its customers.

The Coor ID card management system is the latest example in a series of innovative solutions launched by Coor. The backbone of this new solution is a web-based system, which can connect to the customer’s HR systems and security systems in the customer’s premises.

“Ordering ID cards and authorization usually involves a lot of admin and manual processing. But now, we’ve developed a system with more secure handling, greater flexibility and less admin for our customers,” Daniel Andersson, Security Services Developer at Coor Service Management tells us.

The new system brings a very smooth flow when the employee orders an ID card or access in a simple web form, with authorization checks by first-line managers or appointed certifiers, until the client gets a complete card or access.

“We can process a lot of cards very securely in a very short time. Two months ago, we installed the system with a completely new customer, who then ordered 5,900 cards from its self-service portal,” continues Sofia Munkhammar, Security Delivery Manager at Coor Service Management.

Integration between the ID card system and the customer’s HR and security systems enables such fast processing. The system can also be integrated with a photo booth, which also helps produce major time savings.

We can process a lot of cards very securely in a very short time.

Sofia Munkhammar, Security Delivery Manager, Coor Service Management

“The photo booth works very simply. It has a strategic location in the customer’s premises, such as a break room, and staff can use it whenever it suits them. People perceive this as really flexible compared to advance bookings to have a photo taken,” continues Sofia.

So far, Coor has implemented the Coor ID card management system with some existing customers, but has also implemented it on a completely new account.

“The response has been positive. It feels rewarding to have been part of developing something that brings an important benefit for our customers,” concludes Daniel Andersson.


The benefits of the Coor ID Card Management System

- Simplicity and flexibility

When you order an ID card, your info is uploaded from HR to the web-based system.  The system then refers your order for an ID card and desired authorization to your first-line manager for approval. If there isn’t already a photo in the HR system, upload via the photo booth is easy. Once the authorization of the ID card has been checked and is complete, you get a mail from the system.

- Better for employees

Using automated photo booths at the workplace, people can take their photos when it suits them. The booth is unmanned but has easy instructions. You can retake photos until you’re satisfied. The photo booth is always open—24/7.

- Better security, higher quality

By enabling links from the ID card system to a company’s HR system, management is safer and more secure. Certain info can be generated directly from the HR system, such as automated checking that the staff member has authorization for an ID card, or information on their first-line manager.

- Consistent process and traceability

The Coor ID Card Management System offers customers a consistent process for authorization and ID card management company wide. Because the process is automated, the ordering procedure is traceable.

- Cost savings

Automation and integration cuts the admin and manual processing associated with ID card management, saving time and money.

Sofia Munkhammar

Sofia Munkhammar

Security Delivery Manager

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Daniel Andersson

Daniel Andersson


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