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I might as well tell it like it is: we think we can do better. Without doubt, we have the market’s best solutions for integrated service assignments on larger accounts. But on somewhat smaller service deliveries, some specialist services, and in industry, we could be a better service partner. And we will be.

I started in my role as CEO of Coor on 4 March this year. After only two months, it would be presumptuous to draw any major conclusions, but I’d still like to share with you the pride and high ambition that permeates the whole company. Coor harbors impressive competence, which is often sector leading. Since start, Coor has had a tremendous growth. To accelerate this growth at a sustainable profitability will be most prioritized going forward.

In many aspects, our operations work really well today, but like all other companies, we constantly face new challenges to address and overcome. One of our big challenges right now is to become a better provider for smaller customers, and in certain service segments. For many years, we’ve mainly been concentrating on larger integrated FM assignments. But to satisfy the needs we’re encountering from customers now, we need to sharpen up in certain segments. That’s why we’ll be adapting our delivery organization, to overhaul our processes and delivery models.

To accelerate this growth at a sustainable profitability will be most prioritized going forward.

Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO, Coor Service Management

Apart from this, we’ll be attempting to benefit from all the experience within Coor and Addici, which we acquired at the end of 2012, in this process. One concrete example of how we’re working together is our ‘1+1 = 3’ project, where we evaluate different solutions together, and then choose the most intelligent and best. You can read more about this project and other work Coor is doing right now in this issue of Nova.

As new President and CEO of Coor, it will be my great pleasure to keep you informed about our business, here in Nova’s leading article. It’s something I’m really looking forward to. I’ll be in touch!

Mikael Stöhr
President and CEO, Coor Service Management

Stockholm, Sweden, May 2013

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