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At Coor, we´ve been working on continuous improvement for a long time, which means that at every level, and in all contexts, we’re trying to find new and better ways to do our job. We currently have a strong culture of improvement, and measure and follow up the number of improvement proposals per employee continuously. This is a process we are continuing, but we also need to work on a more structured footing on our major development initiatives—what we call innovations.

That's why we've created a unit responsible for coordinating and rationalizing the major development initiatives (innovations) within Coor about a year ago. Work on innovation is now very much about getting better at using existing technology, but also eyeing up the technology of tomorrow. There's not far to go before we hit maximum speed, so we'll have to start being smarter. In this edition of Nova, you can find out about how we've taken on this mission, and how it's making us a better service provider.

There's not far to go before we hit maximum speed, so we’ll have to start being smarter.

Ulf Wretskog, President, Coor Service Management Sweden

If we're going to succeed, we'll have to partner with our suppliers, competitors, and most importantly, our customers. So don't be surprised if we contact you with a question about some new and interesting idea, or maybe, just to hear what you think, what you can do, or what you know. This gives us great material and helps us set the right priorities, so we can succeed in our objective of delivering service at the cutting edge.

In this issue, we're also highlighting the issue of outsourcing FM services in the public sector. We address the highly topical issue of international players — the question of the optimal scope for tendering. Additionally, we share our findings from the introduction of activity based workspaces.

Relevance, topicality and competence all bundled into one digital newsletter — happy reading!

Ulf Wretskog
President of Coor Service Management Sweden


Ulf Wretskog

President, Sweden

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