Coor focuses on the cleaning services of tomorrow

Cleaning is one of Coor’s largest service areas, and we’re now focusing closely on developing the market’s best and most innovative cleaning offering. As a first step, we’re introducing a new, proprietary cleaning service: Coor Cleaning Concept, which was launched this spring. The concept encompasses all aspects of cleaning delivery and entails efficient and sustainable cleaning services of high and consistent quality.

Alongside property service and food & beverages, cleaning is one of Coor's strategic service areas, and we direct extra resources to developing this field. Our aim is to become the Nordics' leading cleaning provider.

Sten MortensenToday, an increasing proportion of Coor's cleaning assignments is delivered by Coor personnel. This improves control and means that we're able to guarantee quality at all levels, such as logistics, cleaning methods, equipment, cleaning products, hygiene—and, in particular, caring for and developing our staff.

Coor's cleaning focus is group wide and is led by , who is a cleaning specialist. Sten has worked with Coor's cleaning services in various roles since 2003, mainly as the person responsible for calculating large cleaning assignments. Before that, Sten Mortensen ran his own cleaning company and has also been a partner in a floor cleaning company.

Coor Cleaning—leading-edge cleaning services

Coor delivers cleaning services to large and small companies and public enterprises across all sectors throughout the Nordics. In order to capitalize on the accumulated experience in the operations, Coor has created special cleaning forums where the Nordic countries are represented. There is also an overarching Cleaning Board, which assumes responsibility for strategic decisions and reports directly to the Executive Management Team. In order to ensure that Coor offers leading-edge cleaning services and provide customers with efficient and sustainable cleaning, we've also established a Nordic Cleaning Development forum.

"We intend to drive sector progress by focusing on innovations and improvements that benefit our customers and staff. We're currently working on a few major development projects. For example, we'll be creating dedicated cleaning concepts for different customer segments, such as industry, health care and retail. The fact that we've established a development team means that we'll be able to carry out structured and efficient development, and drive sector progress," commented Sten Mortensen.

Coor Cleaning Academy

Access to cleaning staff with the right competencies is critical to being able to provide cleaning services of consistent and high quality. Accordingly, Coor has established an internal training program: Coor Cleaning Academy, that offer educational modules and practical training programs. The internal training programs are given through a train-the-trainer system, where managers and staff participate alongside each other. The program is founded on Coor's proprietary basic concept "Cleaning the Coor way", which all cleaners in all countries will complete starting this fall. Specialist training programs with different focuses will be sourced from external training companies.

Sten Mortensen summarizes Coor's view of its cleaning services by concluding that having a sustainable and innovative approach is what's important:

"We don't believe in running faster, but working smarter. This permeates the organization both at strategic and operational level. We scrutinize our procedures to see how we can increase efficiency in areas such as planning, purchasing and control. We evaluate how we can use technology, new methods, robots and new cleaning products to work smarter and create customer value while also caring for our staff and safeguarding the environment," commented Sten Mortensen.


  • Cleaning can be purchased either as part of more comprehensive, integrated FM assignment, as part of a smaller bundled FM assignment, or as a single service assignment.
  • Coor Cleaning employs some 1,700 staff throughout the Nordics.
  • The goal is to become the Nordics' leading cleaning services provider.
  • Coor currently has a broad product portfolio and large and small customers across the private and public sectors.
Sten Mortensen

Sten Mortensen

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