More satisfied customers—now we’ll work even harder

The 2015 customer survey showed increased customer satisfaction amongst Coor’s customers, although it didn’t reach Coor’s target level.

"Our customers are a little more satisfied with us than previously, and we're heading in the right direction. We'll work even harder and focus on improving in the areas our customers indicate," commented Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Operation Development and a member of EMT.

The 2015 customer survey included a total of around 800 customers in all countries where Coor operates. The customer satisfaction index increased slightly compared to the previous survey, which was completed in 2013. Results vary between countries and individual service deliveries.

It's important for Coor to complete a group-wide survey, and to find out what our customers think in a structured and consistent way. The survey measures factors such as service quality, relations with Coor's customer contacts and how customers experience Coor as a service provider. The results form the foundation for how we develop and improve our operations.

"We're proud to have satisfied customers, but at the same time we're not satisfied as long as there's still room to improve. This is a continuous process, and as a service provider we can never rest on our laurels. We're grateful that our customers provide us with feedback, and I'd like to thank all of Coor's customers who've taken the time to respond to the survey," commented Rikard Wannerholt.

The results of the survey are presented to the company's customers for discussion.

Alongside the customer survey, Coor also completes an employee survey to measure how its employees experience Coor as an employer, and also how they experience their line manager. Coor's employee and leadership indices also improved.

"Good managers who are able to lead the daily operations and contribute to motivating our staff are key to creating an effective service delivery," commented Rikard Wannerholt.

Rikard Wannerholt

Rikard Wannerholt

Head of Group Business Development

+46 702-36 44 51