Robot cleans Saab’s premises

As the first company in the Nordics, Coor has introduced robots into its cleaning service provision. The first cleaning robot is being used in the cleanings service delivery to the defense group Saab in Linköping (in Sweden).

The cleaning robot is a combined sweeper and scrubber that cleans hard surfaces. It's suitable for premises with large, open floor spaces, such as corridors, production plants, warehouses, hospitals and airports.

"The cleaning robot allows us to provide cost-efficient and flexible cleaning services. A robot can clean at the time of day that suits the customer. It's extremely pleasing that Saab, an important customer that we've collaborated with for many years, was open to the idea of using cleaning robots. In collaboration with Saab, we've agreed on how to create an effective cleaning delivery that suits the company," commented Karin Sparr, Business Area Manager at Coor.

The cleaning robot at Saab completed its first clean in May this year.

The cleaning robot allows us to provide cost-efficient and flexible cleaning services.

Karin Sparr, Business Area Manager at Coor

"As a world-leading high-tech company, it's natural to welcome new initiatives that contribute to using technology in new, efficient ways," commented Per Hedbäck, Finance and Site Manager at Saab in Linköping.

How the robot works

The cleaning robot is controlled by uploading floor plans to its memory. When the robot cleans, the operator selects the relevant floor plan and supplies the robot with water and cleaner, and then starts the machine. Once the cleaning process has been completed, operational data is saved into a report that is sent to the operator. The robot is equipped with sensors that mean it has 360 degree vision. The robot is designed to minimize water and cleaner use, which implies more environmentally friendly cleaning.


Karin Sparr

Business Unit President, Specialist Services

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