Mickael Skriver

“When I call Coor, things happen”

SAS in Denmark has just extended its collaboration with Coor, and Nova has spoken to Michael Skriver about its cleanings services. Michael is SAS Denmark’s Environmental and Security Manager with responsibility for SAS’ technical service department.

What's your relationship with Coor's cleaners?

I have nothing negative to say about the people who clean here. They're incredibly proud of their work and actually do more than they need to. Sometimes I tell them "that's not your responsibility, you don't need to do that" — but they do it anyway. They feel responsible for their area and want it to look clean and tidy."

Even if they're responsible, misunderstandings have to arise from time to time — things that don't get done, or things that aren't done in the way you'd like?

"Yes, of course, you can't get away from that. If it's something that can be solved immediately, I talk to the relevant person, otherwise I approach my contact at Coor. We have a follow-up talk each quarter, where we review Coor's delivery. We complete a scoreboard together, which we use to communicate what works well and what needs improvement."

However, I think it works well most of the time. I really dislike a "laissez faire" attitude and shoulder-shrugging. Fortunately, this is not what you get at Coor. I can call them about a problem on a Friday afternoon, and they'll solve it immediately if I tell them it's important."

Of course you didn't choose Coor yourself, as your facility management department selected the company. Have you been satisfied with the change from the previous service provider?

"You're always a little skeptical of new suppliers—if there's a problem, it'll end up on my table. Our previous solution wasn't 100 % perfect, but it worked. Fortunately, the change of service provider has been for the better."

I can call them about a problem on a Friday afternoon, and they'll solve it immediately if I tell them it's important.

Michael Skriver, SAS Denmark’s Environmental and Security Manager

Can you mention three areas where you've seen improvements?

"Firstly, communication, which I've already mentioned. When I call Coor, things happen. They try to solve everything straight away, and otherwise they let me know when it'll be done."

"Secondly, when they propose solutions, they find out what suits me. Should we continue to do it in the same way, or should it be done more cost-effectively? They present different solutions and consequences, and I make the decision."

"Thirdly, there's a flexibility about Coor that's unusual in the sector. We've built up a relationship based on confidence and we trust each other. Flexibility implies trust. That kind of relationship doesn't just appear out of the blue.

Facts about SAS

Coor began its collaboration with SAS in 2008. The collaboration is based on an integrated facility management contract that includes a large number of services in property services and facility management. The delivery is pan-Scandinavian and currently includes 9 airports and SAS' head office in Frösunda. The property service delivery covers property holdings of some 392,000 m2 and facility management, and cleaning services are provided to around 223,000 m2.