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At Coor we care for the environment in several ways – not only by reducing our own environmental impact but also by actively supporting the company’s customers in their work with the environment. To be able to be a qualified environmental advisor we have developed our own tool – Coor Green Services – aiding us to conduct a structured and constructive environmental dialogue with our customers.

When it comes to our own environmental impact we have identified four aspects with significant environmental impact: transportation (our own concerning assignment, business and supplier transport), usage of chemicals, energy usage and waste management.

Within these areas we systematically work on reducing our environmental impact in several ways. During 2014 we widened the spread of the chemical management system Coor developed in 2013 to incorporate Norway as well. It is our ambition to continuously find new, environmentally friendly methods for the services with chemical usage, such as cleaning and sanitation. To decrease the emission from vehicles the primarily measures taken is setting up guidelines for gasoline mileage when procuring new vehicles, applying “eco driving”, encourage travel by train and introducing possibilities for long distance meetings to minimize business travel.

Environment is high on the agenda for many of our customers, and so it’s only natural that we offer qualified consulting within the area.

Christian Mårtensson, Contract Manager, Coor Service Management

The by far largest possibility Coor has to affect the environment is to actively take responsibility to assist our customers in minimizing their impact on the environment. To achieve this in a qualified manner we launched a unique environmental labeling system in 2010 – Coor Green Services. The environmental labeling contains criteria defining how environmentally friendly services are. The uniqueness of Coor Green Services is that it covers all the major services Coor provides, and not just single services. Customers that meet 65 percent of the criteria reach silver level and customers that meet 85 percent reach gold level.

Christian Mårtensson, Contract Manager Coor Service ManagementWith the results as base for discussion Coor can conduct a proactive dialogue with every individual customer regarding environmental improvement measures. Christian Mårtensson is Contract Manager for one of Coors larger customers in Denmark, who achieved gold level for the first time.

− Achieving gold level has been a huge motivation, both for our customer and us at Coor, and something we actively pursued. The clear criteria gives us a picture of what we need to work with. And even if the demands for gold level are hard, they´re not impossible, making it even more satisfying to succeed, says Christian Mårtensson.

That the result improves for each year is a clear indication of our customers’ commitment to the environment. The result from 2014’s environmental audit is exception – of 136 audited sites a total of 92 achieved diplomas, of which 34 gold and 58 silver. The commitment of Coors customers is strong. From 2015 Coor will therefor offer the environmental audit to sites Coor don’t deliver services to.

− Environment is high on the agenda for many of our customers, therefore it’s only natural that we offer qualified counseling within the area. Furthermore we increase both commitment and awareness in our own employees when discussing criteria and results, says Christian Mårtensson.

In 2011 Coor was nominated for Diverseys international award “Sustainability Innovation Award” for our work with Coor Green Services.

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For more information on our environmental audit, please contact:

Maria Eriksson, Project Manager at Coor Service Management, +46 10 559 51 69