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Sweden has the world’s second-highest coffee consumption after Finland. The only problem is that the country is unable to cultivate coffee itself. Instead, it imports 89,000 tons of it every year, at the expense of the environment, sustainability and local labor force. This is something Coor wants to redress.

Coffee is the world’s second biggest commodity, supporting over 100 million people worldwide, mainly in the developing world. Most coffee growers live under strained economic circumstances, and live off very tight margins. Going from there to managing ecological coffee cultivation with the minimum possible environmental impact would be a very big step indeed. Faitrade is one way that smaller growers can sign agreements guaranteeing a price that covers their overheads.

“There are a lot of different aspects to the simple cup of coffee. But making this one simple choice enables us to improve the circumstances of coffee growers, promote democracy and contribute to a better environment. For Coor, exclusively serving ecological coffee in our FOOD by Coor restaurants is a self-evident choice,” explains Johan Klausen, Coor’s specialist in Food & Beverage services.

For Coor, exclusively serving ecological coffee in our FOOD by Coor restaurants is a self-evident choice.

Johan Klausen, Specialist in Food & Beverage services, Coor

Coor Sweden serves 17,700,000 cups of coffee every year with one of the following accreditations: Rain Forest Alliance, Fairtrade/Organic, Organic, Fairtrade, Organic/UTZ Certified or UTZ Certified.

“This means that 73% of all the coffee in our workplace services division has one of the above accreditations. We would never have been able to achieve such high numbers if it wasn’t for our customers showing such great commitment on environmental and equality issues,” adds Johan Klausen.

So, the coffee at FOOD by Coor restaurants has never tasted so good. But this is merely the beginning. Coor’s restaurants take an active approach to minimizing food waste, and use organic ingredients wherever they can. This means sustainability for ourselves, our guests and the environment.

Johan Klausen

Johan Klausen

Service Development, at Coor

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