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Fast-moving queues, tasty and varied food, easy payments, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere—you can tell a good restaurant concept when you step into a FOOD by Coor restaurant. We’re proud of our concept, which has quickly secured status as the best on the market. In just four years, we’ve started up over 120 restaurants, which we operate ourselves across Sweden, Norway and Denmark—and we’re delighted to be able to say that customer satisfaction has increased in every restaurant.

Clearly, this isn’t a coincidence. We’ve been working consistently on building an effective restaurant organization for several years, which is a precondition for us being able to make a good offering. I often visit our restaurants, and the commitment, ambition and drive of the people that work there is impossible to miss.

We’re the market leader in integrated facility management (IFM)—no other player has as many IFM assignments across the Nordics as Coor. This has been our prime focus ever since our operations started, but a few years ago, we also decided to focus more on somewhat smaller accounts, and some priority service segments: restaurants, cleaning and property services. That’s why we’re focusing so hard on developing these segments, and we’ll be covering them here in Nova.

So there’s a lot about food and beverages in this issue, and you get to meet some representatives of our skilled restaurant team, who tell you about what we’re offering. But the best way to understand just how good our FOOD by Coor restaurants are is to visit one yourself.

Get in touch with me, and I’ll get you lunch.

Mikael Stöhr

Mikael Stöhr

President & Group CEO

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