Why we love FOOD by Coor

What’s the best thing about FOOD by Coor? The managers of our restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark give us their answers.

Søren Kanne, FOOD by Coor DenmarkSøren Kanne, FOOD by Coor Denmark:

"We're an innovative provider with a sharp focus on quality. But first and foremost, we are run by committed people who always deliver experiences for our diners with a high level of professionalism and passion, 365 days a year."

Pernilla Thor, FOOD by Coor SwedenPernilla Thor, FOOD by Coor Sweden:

"The best thing is that our concept is based on our people's commitment, passion and creativity. The result is a state-of-the-art concept that delivers healthy and environmental friendly options. We work actively on sustainability by reducing our environmental impact. Our goal is to continually improve our diners' well-being and provide an experience for all senses."

Jon Eldon, FOOD by Coor NorwayJon Eldon, FOOD by Coor Norway:

"The fact that we put a sharp focus on skilled chefs and staff that deliver high quality in accordance with our philosophy. And that we work actively on adapting solutions, improvement processes, and primarily, innovation to our customers, through our proprietary FOOD by Coor products and digital platforms."