Coor gets industrial service assignment in Denmark

Coor Service Management has signed a three-year contract with the Danish Hempel. The contract involves Coor taking over responsibility for the operation and development of production and process-related services at Hempel’s plant.

For the last seven years Coor has been responsible for Hempel's office and property services, and the expanded contract makes Hempel Coor's first industrial services assignment in Denmark.

"Right now many Danish companies are carrying out efficiency measures and for many manufacturers this is about focusing on their core operation. The new agreement with Hempel is important since it is the type of assignment where we can use our competence and experience to support the core operation. We now see that we will be able to grow within industrial service during the coming year," says Jørgen Utzon, Business Unit Manager for Coor Service Management Denmark.

The contract means that Hempel's service employees will be offered employment with Coor.

"First and foremost we expect better service and maintenance at a lower cost. In addition to that, we have great confidence in Coor's business concept, which also includes strategic development of both the service delivery and personnel," says Helle Neergaard-Petersen, Plant Manager for Hempel.

For additional information contact:

Jørgen Utzon, Business Unit Manager Coor Service Management Denmark, telephone: +45 4477 7788

Åsvor Brynnel, Director of Communications Coor Service Management, telephone: +46 70 600 73 21