Coor creates a new CSR function

Coor Service Management (Coor) is creating a dedicated Sustainability Committee to structure and clarify the company's work on CSR (corporate social responsibility). The Sustainability Committee will report directly to the Executive Management Team.

Coor takes substantial responsibility for its own operations and how they affect the environment and society in a wider perspective. Coor is now structuring this work by creating a Sustainability Committee. The duty of the Committee is to prepare proposals for policies, goals and the general principles governing the group's CSR work.

"It's in the interests of our owners, customers, employees and suppliers for our operations to progress stably and to be conducted efficiently and responsibly — now and in the future. By creating a Sustainability Committee from all the relevant competence segments, we're structuring our work on these important issues better than before," commented Mats Jönsson, CEO and President of Coor Service Management.

The company's interpretation of responsible and sustainable corporate social responsibility is to combine a sharp focus on economic progress (growth and profitability) with great care for the environment and social issues. Coor has defined three segments where the company has an especially sizeable impact on society and the environment in the short and long term — business care, employee care and environmental care. By working actively in these three segments, Coor is contributing to stable and sustainable development over time.

The members of the Sustainability Committee are Coor's Head of Corp. Communication (Åsvor Brynnel, convener), Corp. Human Resource Manager (Anders Asplund), Group Sourcing Manager (Karoliina Callavik), Corp. Service Development Manager (Alexis Kahlmann), President of Coor in Norway (Freddy Eriksen) and President of Coor in Sweden (Staffan Ebenfelt, also the management representative for environment and quality issues).

The Sustainability Committee also coordinates the group's environmental network and the group's Nordic network for CSR issues.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Jönsson CEO and President +46 8 553 950 50

Åsvor Brynnel Communication Manager +46 8 553 954 04