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Coor reaches agreement with Gävleborg County Council

Coor Service Management (Coor) has signed a three-year agreement with Gävleborg County Council. This deal has an annual value of some SEK 40 m, and involves Coor operating and developing the Council's cleaning services from 1 February onwards.

Gävleborg County Council has some 7,500 employees and is responsible for healthcare in the central Swedish provinces of Gästrikland and Hälsingland. In 2007, Coor was assigned to deliver a raft of real estate-related services in the County. The partnership has worked well, and a public tendering process has resulted in Coor also taking on responsibility for delivering and developing cleaning at the County Council's hospitals and care centres in Gästrikland and Hälsingland.

"We're delighted that Gävleborg County Council has entrusted us with this greater task, which we view as corroboration that we have a competitive and good offering," commented Hans Josefsson, Business Area Manager at Coor, "this assignment supplements our existing delivery of real estate services to the County Council, and strengthens our position as the leading provider of IFM services for the public sector too."

122 people at Gävleborg County Council will be transferring to Coor from 1 February through an operational take-over. The contract runs for three years, but is subject to a two-year extension if the County Council wishes.

"We want to free up time and money for our core business—offering the people of Gävleborg the best care possible. We're already satisfied with Coor and they also had the most attractive tender," responded Peter Hautzinger, Departmental Manager, Purchasing, Gävleborg County Council.

For more information, please contact:

Hans Josefsson Business Area Manager, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 959 19

Åsvor Brynnel Communication Manager, Coor Service Management
+ 46 8 553 954 04

Peter Hautzinger Departmental Manager, Purchasing, Gävleborg County Council
+ 46 26 15 51 97