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Coor secures pioneering contract to deliver FM services to the New Karolinska Hospital until 2040

Coor Service Management (Coor) has secured the assignment to develop and deliver property and workplace (FM) services to NKS, the New Karolinska Hospital at Solna, near Stockholm, Sweden. This assignment runs until 2040 inclusive, which is a record term, and has a total contract value of some SEK 7.4 bn.

NKS* will be one of the world's leading hospitals, to be built at Solna, near Stockholm, Sweden. The client, Greater Stockholm Council, has tendered for funding, design and construction, as well as administration and maintenance for some 30 years through a PPP (public-private partnership). A consortium consisting of Skanska and Innisfree, with Coor as exclusive FM provider. The agreement comes into effect on signing after the customary trial period, and then runs until 2040.

"This is a big day. NKS represents a big step into the healthcare of the future. We signed a long-term contract that minimises the risk of delays and cost increases for taxpayers. It gives the Council and taxpayers the greatest possible security," commented Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, Chairman of the Executive Board and Finance Committee of Greater Stockholm Council.

Coor's assignment means it taking responsibility for co-ordinating, developing and delivering a range of property and workplace-related FM services during the contract term. Services to be delivered include the management and maintenance of properties, security solutions/monitoring, energy services, parking services, cleaning, logistics, staff restaurants, mail management, conference services and customer service/helpdesk. As previously, all healthcare in the new hospital will be delivered by the County Health Authority.

To match NKS's clear environmental profile, services will be designed to satisfy the highest Coor Green Services standard**, which ensures that FM services cause the minimum possible environmental impact.

"This is the most pioneering and fundamental contract signed in our sector for over ten years. The fact that we'll be able to influence the construction project, plus its exceptional contract term, means we can plan our provision and take more long-term decisions than normal. For the new Hospital and its healthcare, this will result in highly cost-efficient, quality-assured and environmentally friendly FM provision throughout the contract term," noted Mats Jönsson, CEO and President of Coor Service Management.

Coor will start delivering FM services from 2012 onwards, which at full capacity, will correspond to an annual volume of some SEK 300 m. The estimated total contract value for the whole term is SEK 7,400 m. Going forward, Coor expects to employ some 250 people on provision to the new Hospital.

"We've worked hard on this assignment, and I'm really delighted over the decision," added Ulf Wretskog, Vice President of Coor Service Management in Sweden, who headed the negotiations, "our objective is to ensure that Greater Stockholm Council gets FM provision that supports its healthcare and the new Hospital optimally in close collaboration with other parties involved."

For more information, please contact:

Ulf Wretskog Vice President, Coor Service Management Sweden
+46 8 553 959 40,

Åsvor Brynnel Communication Manager, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 954 04,

Caroline Karlsson Press Secretary for Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd (M)
+46 70 737 41 26,

Tomas Philipp Corporate Communications Manager, NKS
+46 70 737 60 60,

Peter Gimbe Group Press Officer, Skanska
+46 10 448 88 38,

Invitation to press conference and information event

Greater Stockholm Council, Skanska and Coor will be presenting today's decision and the New Karolinska Hospital project at the following events:

Media press conference, at 3.45 p.m. on Tuesday, 4 May in Landstingshuset (Stockholm County Hall, Stockholmssalen facility), Hantverkargatan 45, Stockholm, Sweden. County Council Board members Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd and Stig Nyman, Johan Karlström (President and CEO of Skanska) and Mats Jönsson (President and CEO of Coor Service Management) and others will be attending the conference.

In-depth information event for the media and financial markets, at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 5 May at in Landstingshuset (Stockholm County Hall, Stockholmssalen facility), Hantverkargatan 45, Stockholm, Sweden. Representatives of Greater Stockholm Council, Mats Jönsson (President and CEO of Coor Service Management), Johan Karlström (President and CEO of Skanska) and others will be attending the event.

* The New Karolinska Hospital (NKS) will be a world-class hospital, providing specialist and highly specialist care, as well as conducting research and development. The hospital will be built in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. Construction is scheduled to start in summer 2010, with the ambition of the first patients arriving in December 2015. More information on the project is available at its website,

** Coor Green Services is a dynamic evaluation tool that can be applied to all the constituent services of an FM provision. This tool was developed by Coor Service Management, and is currently the sector's most comprehensive environmental standard. For more information on Coor Green Services, go to