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Coor Service Management enters new partnership with Trelleborg

Coor Service Management has signed a new contract with Trelleborg Sealing Profiles Sweden AB. This agreement has a total value of some SEK 120 m and involves Coor coordinating and developing a raft of business support services at and around its plant in Värnamo, southern Sweden.

Trelleborg Sealing Profiles AB is part of Trelleborg Engineered Systems, and is a leading vendor of seals and sealing systems in Scandinavia. Coor Service Management will now be taking over responsibility for a number of business support services like internal logistics, storage management, power maintenance, mechanical maintenance, real estate maintenance and office-related services necessary for production at Värnamo to work effectively.

"We're delighted to be entrusted to deliver and develop services across all priority service segments. This transaction means us further strengthening our initiative in industrial services, while simultaneously extending our geographical coverage in the central southern Swedish province of Småland," commented Staffan Ebenfelt, President of Coor Service Management in Sweden.

This contract is worth some SEK 20 m per year, and has a six-year term, commencing on 1 March 2012. Staff at Trelleborg Profiles Sweden AB that work in the affected positions will be offered employment with Coor.

"This agreement with Coor means we will be able to focus completely on our core business while simultaneously introducing systems and processes that ensure service quality over time. Those of our employees that deliver this service will transfer to Coor, where they will be offered development and career opportunities with a company whose core business is this service," responded Thomas Kiratsopoulos, Site Manager of Trelleborg Sealing Profiles AB.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Carreman, Business Unit President, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 957 21,

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Corp Communications, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 954 04,