Skanska - Coor’s Environmental Star for green FM services

Coor Service Management has made construction group Skanska, at its Solna site near Stockholm, 'Environmental Star of the Year' for its commitment to environmentally friendly FM services. This award, made by Coor Service Management, is the world's first for environmentally friendly FM services delivered to corporations and public bodies.

This is the first environmental audit of FM services that Coor has conducted for various customers in the Nordics. Its audit was conducted using the Coor Green Services environmental tool. As a component of its environmental work, Coor has also created a new prize: Environmental Star of the Year, awarded to the customer in Sweden with outstanding work on sustainable FM services. The Environmental Star of the Year is the first comprehensive environmental award in the FM sector.

"We're proud to be able to make Skanska the Environmental Star of the Year. Skanska is an excellent example of a customer with high defined environmental ambitions that also lives up to its goals. Its head office at Solna, near Stockholm, is one of the offices also achieving gold standard environmental labeling," commented Staffan Ebenfelt, Executive Vice President of Coor in Sweden.

The environmental star of the year was presented on 13 May at the Westmanska Palatset conference centre in Stockholm. The award consists of a donation to an environmental organization of the recipient's choice. Skanska has decided to donate funds to the National Swedish Association for the Promotion of Outdoor Life.

About Coor Green Services

Coor has developed an evaluation tool that maps the environmental impact of FM services. Services with a low environmental impact gain environmental accreditation. Standards significantly higher than those legislated are required for accreditation. The environmental labeling system has two levels: Coor Green Services Gold and Coor Green Services Silver. In 2010, Coor evaluated FM services at 120 offices and sites - 5 achieved the gold standard and 51 silver. Skanska at Solna is one of the offices achieving the gold standard.

For further information please contact:

Åsvor Brynnel, Communications manager
+46 70 600 73 21

Magdalena Aspengren, Environmental and Quality Manager
+46 553 959 05