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Coor nominated for prestigious environmental award

Ten corporations from all parts of the world have been nominated for the Diversey Sustainable Innovation Award 2011, presented in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite tough competition, Coor was among the finalists for this prestigious award, nominated for its Coor Green Services environmental labeling system, which is the first of its kind in the world in the service sector.

Diversey is a global corporation with high sustainability ambitions that is participating in the WWF's Climate Saver CO2 program. With the aim of encouraging and promoting green and sustainable innovation by services companies, Diversey created its Sustainable Innovation Award. In 2011, Coor's environmental audit tool Coor Green Services was one of ten environmental initiatives nominated for the Award.

"We're so delighted that our environmental auditing tool, Coor Green Services, has been nominated for the Sustainable Innovation Award. We're really proud of Coor Green Services, and view the nomination as corroboration that it is a genuine tool to help us and our customers to reduce their environmental impact," commented Magdalena Aspengren, Coor's Environmental and Quality Manager.

Coor Green Services is a proprietary, broad-based environmental labeling system that covers all the most common services that Coor delivers. Services are evaluated from relevant environmental criteria that are more far reaching than the requirements of legislation. The tool is unique of its kind, and makes Coor the first service provider in the world that has achieved an overall grasp of environmental issues and offers its custom-ers complete environmental labeling.

"Coor Green Services has attracted a lot of attention, and there's been a lot of interest from our customers and the whole sector. In 2011, we evaluated services at 140 offices, buildings and industrial plants, and the results of our audit will be presented soon," added Magdalena.

The evaluation tool is dynamic which means that it can be tailored to progress over time, and is thus a genuine guarantee of high environmental ambition. There are two stan-dards of environmental label: Coor Green Services Gold and Coor Green Services Silver.

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Magdalena Aspengren Miljö- och kvalitetsansvarig, Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 959 05 magdalena.aspengren@coor.com

Åsvor Brynnel Kommunikationschef, Coor Service Management
+ 46 8 553 954 04 asvor.brynnel@coor.com