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Growing interest in Green Services

For the second consecutive year, Coor has conducted an extensive environmental audit of the services delivered at its customers' operations using its Coor Green Services environmental tool, which is unique in the sector. Despite higher standards applying than in last year's audit, results improved, demonstrating a stronger environmental commitment by the company's customers.

Coor has conducted environmental audits on the services it delivers for various customers in the Nordics for the second consecutive year. The environmental audit was conducted using Coor Green Services, Coor's proprietary environmental tool. The system has two standards: Gold and Silver.

Of the 140 sites evaluated, ten achieved the Coor Green Services Gold standard (compared to five in the previous year) and 64 achieved Coor Green Services Silver (51 in the previous year).

"A lot of our customers have high environmental ambitions, and there's really great interest in Coor Green Services. This system guarantees that the majority of the services we deliver for customers are environmentally friendly. We're delighted to conclude that this year, more customers are satisfying the standard—despite us making it more stringent than in the previous year," commented Magdalena Aspengren, Coor's Environmental & Quality Manager.

Coor Green Services is the only complete environmental labeling system currently available in the sector, and has attracted major interest. The evaluation tool is dynamic and tailored to progress over time, which means it constitutes a genuine guarantee of high environmental ambitions.

The 10 offices/plants achieving Coor Green Services Gold in 2011 are:

  • Coor Service Management, head office, Solna (Sweden)
  • EDB, Solna office (Sweden)
  • Ericsson, Jorvas office (Finland)
  • ICA, office/logistics facility at Helsingborg (Sweden)
  • ICA, Solna office (Sweden)
  • ICA, Sundbyberg office (Sweden)
  • Skanska, Oslo office (Norway)
  • Skanska Fastigheter East, real estate operations (Sweden)
  • Statoil, Harstad office (Norway)
  • AB Volvo, FM operations at Lundby (Sweden)

För ytterligare information, kontakta:

Magdalena Aspengren, Miljö- och kvalitetsansvarig, Coor
+46 8 553 959 05,

Åsvor Brynnel, Kommunikationschef, Coor
+ 46 8 553 954 04,